Bremont Releases Its ‘Venom’ On The Big Screen

Bremont is starting to create a serious legacy in the movie industry. After being featured in Kingsman: The Secret Service, they can very soon be seen on the wrist of Tom Hardy, while playing Eddie Brock in the upcoming blockbuster 'Venom', which is due to release this October. The watch selected for this prominent role is the U-2/51-JET.
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Bremont Jaguar MKIII: homage to the Jaguar E-Type

The Bremont Jaguar MKIII extends the Bremont Jaguar collection that celebrates the Jaguar E-Type. This sports car with its radical appearance and promise of being ‘the fastest production car in the world’ was launched outside a restaurant during SIHH in 1961. After the introduction about 500 orders were being placed. Not only back then the car was a big hit, nowadays it’s still a wanted item for most men – just like the watches inspired by it.
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